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Dominite Certifications Networks

Welcome to our private Dominite Certifications networks!!!


At Dominite Certification Services, privately, we work together collaboratively and interactively via our two online intranet solutions.


Dominite Certifications - Hallwaze is an excellent enterprise social networking solution that fosters collaboration and communication within Dominite Certification Services entire networks of professionals auditors and associates thereby leading to more engagement among the entire teams thereby achieving organizational goals and objectives efficiently and effectively.


Dominite Certifications - Intranet equipped us with a secured online intranet where we work together with our clients in one central virtual location:


You are invited to join our networks of Dominite Certifications Services as:

  • Certification Clients (automatically sign up on the completion of certification orders)

  • ISO MS Auditors -professional auditors, certified by PECB, IRCA and Exemplar Global.

  • Commercial Associates - We work with  associates who resell our services in other African nations.

  • Associated Consultants 

To join our network as Commercial Associate or Management Systems Auditor, send a request to  with subject "Request to be an Associate" or "Request to be DMSL Nigeria Management Systems (MS) Auditor".


We would be glad have you among us.


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Dominite ProCert 

Professional Certification Center